Woke up this morning..

As setting my alarm clock on my phone these days is about as useless as a new born baby, I woke up feeling in a not so great mood. I’d planned my day yesterday and the early rise was essential to the days runnings and tasks.

Why oh why does my body never seem satisfied with 7-8 hours sleep. Even at 10 hours sleep, I rise with a screwed face Dewalt would be proud of.

I then turn to my untrustworthy friend, mobile phone, to check my messages. Texts and emails lay behind the touchscreen, as does an article published by the Guardian UK with UK Poet / Rapper, entitled: “AKALA Dynamite by another name..“, where the rapper lays claim to the misrepresentation of the modern black male, stigma’s, warts and all.

Much of it true.

And then, as i browse my twitter feed..

Seems as though, the black conversation extends itself to my other favourite past-time, Film. This time dissecting the landscape as seen through the eyes of Hollywood, black film-makers and those purchasing films of an ethnic nature for exploitation in domestic and foreign markets.

I can’t say this blog post has any particular point, but in my opinion its worth sharing..



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