Eddie Haung – Vice Network

This dude is somewhat inspirational.

In no way a fuck up, but a second generation immigrant with a hustlers ambition, that turned himself in to restauranteur and a street legend.

This is part of VICE networks’ series with him, where he interviews his friend Roy Choi.

I tweeted him and he tweeted back…




Dope Chef: a label in Tottenham + Mikill Pane


Just discovered Mikill Pane and the label Dope Chef retailing in a barge in Tottenham Hale.

Proud to see this in my very own manor  of Tottenham and not in a backstreet of Soho, Oxford Street or wherever else.

Get Involved.



1. Vlogging again

2. Leaving the city.

3. Surviving elsewhere.

4. Distributing any content.

5. Hitting the Gym. Again.

6. Listening to “Getting Jiggy With It” on repeat on Spotify.

7. Giving up.

8. Getting up.

9. Punching a friend in the face.

10. Apologising for punching them in the face.

11. Planning to work unplanned.

12. Finishing this book, which currently lies next to head nightly on my bed. And this one. Probably this one (currently in my work locker).

13. Walking everywhere. Fuck the tube / subway / metro / underground. Bus.

14. Slamming the breaks on projects i’m not excited about.