To walk with or Walk alone.

In sixteen days, my university days will be over. The dragging of feet through higher education halls which i never felt fond of will cease and my overpriced education, will now follow me as arrears, whispering in consciousness of pound coins.

For this i am glad, as much of my university experience was spent attending lessons for a degree i didn’t believe in. Fundamentally, my personal ability in education has never been strong, mainly because i am free thinker with entrepreneurial tendencies, less suited to the cages of higher education and the synthesis of teaching, revision and exams.

But this is not why i write tonight.

Whilst trailing the internet and twitter as usual, i came across an internship on my twitter feed, for an up and coming business in London. I clicked on the link to be led to a company called ‘Enternships‘ which specialize in internships of the entrepreneurial kind. A enterprising spin on the standard ‘internship’ now come to be the foundation of the graduate or not so-graduate career. I read the job and person specification along with my own secondary research on the company and like many other times asked myself the same questions.

Can i see myself working there?

Do i want to work for free?

Can’t i be successful without an internship?

Who says it the route to a career or indeed, entrepreneurial success?

And of course the answer is no-one. But what’s been a self-imposed stumbling block for me is failing to start anything remotely to do with enterprise. Talking more than doing. Charging up only to lose strength at the first psychological hurdle. Myself.

How successful can one be, without jumping through the societal hoops that supposedly improve chances of career success? Very successful. But of every person i’ve read about in business or indeed career success, two catalyst’s have been instrumental and recognizable through each person.


A friend of mine once told me, “work smart so you don’t have to work hard.”

And to an extent its true. The savvy of working smarter (albeit harder that your counterparts) is integral to the skill-set of an entrepreneur. Not waiting or wondering, but testing ideas out on the market, regardless or circumstance, initial reaction of ones peers or societal myths, created in ones own mind, by the barrage of messages telling us to be anything but inventive and connected to a wider world. (I do not mean to ponder string theory).

But if a bird doesn’t think it can fly, it knows it can fly.

My heart doesn’t tell me i can succeed (with my ideas), but my mind CONSTANTLY does.

If belief truly comes from within, then its time to get the rhythm pounding.