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“I love being the Father I never had”

A quote from a friend, I’ve know for many years written on his Facebook status update on 16/12/12.

This Blog is fully intended, to fulfil a mission of perpetuating the notion of entrepreneurship and business, to engage an wide and now decentralised audience/demographic/peoples, who might consider themselves enterprising or currently engaged in enterprise. Contrary to many a perspective on capitalism, business is far from a solitary pursuit of profit, but the stories of those who seek to grow and pursue personal aspirations through business, are often holders of greater stories of triumph and self-will beyond any monetary measurement of profit.

I begin this blog not just as a reason to gain (again as means to prove traction online, for personal bravado), but to extend what knowledge and and comprehension I have of business in these small years I have pursued it, and towhat I deem as business (70%) and personal lessons (30%), which you may deem valuable. It may be the case that we have experienced the same things also in start-up or not. A collection of voices makes a market, and that’s what I’m interested in.

My world may not be as concise, or as precise as many a business guru or textbook may acknowledge, but to every lie there IS a degree of truth, and with that said..

Let OUR Journey Begin.